Awesome football game from gameloft…..
Realistic hd graphics….

DOWNLOAD apk here (russian page: enter number shown in the box and hit green button)

DOWNLOAD game data

install .apk  then unzip game data and put into sdcard/


Real Football 2011 HD is Gameloft’s stab at
the – for now at least – calm, balmy waters
of Android football sims. There’s only one
real challenger: PES2011 and while that’s a
great game, there’s certainly room for a
different take on Android footie. Real
Football 2011 might not be part of a
recognised console and PC franchise, but it
does have some aces up its sleeve.
RF11 suffers from a similar issue as PES – a
lack of proper team names, so Manchester
United becomes Man Red, Manchester City
becomes Man Blue and Everton are
Merseyside. It’s not a deal-breaker, and the
player names are correct so it’s far from
the end of the world. Just a call for EA to
get its act together and get another
challenger into the Android football arena.
Sound is fine, there’s a smattering of crowd
noise as you approach the goal and a
decent roar should you score. The
commentating is a little hit-and-miss ,
however, with player names tacked onto
the end of preset sentences like it’s still
1988, but on the whole it adds rather than
detracts from the experience.
Controls are refreshingly simple – you’re
presented with A and B buttons and a
sprint button to get you shifting around the
pitch a little quicker. The sprint key
certainly helps to evade other players when
you’re in possession and making a
blistering run towards goal and there are
various subtle but intuitive nuances to the
controls. If you want to play a lobbed pass,
for example, you slide your thumb up over
the B button. It all falls into place very
quickly and easily and you’ll find yourself
moving the ball about fairly effortlessly in
next to no time.
Once you’re in possession and heading for
goal, we found the best course of action is
to make a diagonal run at the opposition’s
sticks and shoot at a 45 degree angle. You
generally beat the keeper at the far post
and therein lies the problem. It’s a bit too
easy to score on the easier levels and you’ll
soon find a system to beat even the most
stubborn defences. As difficulty progresses,
it’s harder even to get a sight of the ball, let
alone make a scoring opportunity, so it
becomes less of a problem. It is a
throwback to the bad old days of football
sims, though, and it’s a unwelcome one.
In terms of challenge, there’s plenty of
meat to RF11′s gameplay. A particularly
neat touch is the ‘Enter the Legend’ mode
that allows you to edit your own player and
play as him throughout a league
competition, rather than controlling the
whole team. Other options include a
penalty competition and both league and
cup tournaments with a decent complement
of international and national teams to
choose from.
Real Football 2011 HD is a very competent
football game indeed. You can’ t help
favouring PES2011 a little, but how much is
down to the strength of the franchise rather
than the quality of the game itself is up for
debate. There’s a certain comfortable
familiarity about PES, that’ s for sure.


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